some of my most intensive and greatest experiences

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• understanding mathematics and physical theories, mastering related formalisms in my young days
• first solo flight in a Cessna 150, including a very near miss with a F-104 Starfighter
• having achieved academic degrees and the licence to practise medicine as a doctor
• first solo flight under instrument flight rules in such instrument meteorolgical conditions that induced the radar controller to the reproachfully astonished comment (in German!) "Ja können Sie denn das?" ('you really cope with this conditions?'), when I requested IFR pickup and clearance, with zero sight already seconds after takeoff from a VFR airfield. Yes, I landed safely at the intended destination, but the controller's imprudent and terrifying question, causing my heart to race, left a deep impression in my mind, hearing it thirty odd years later yet. I piloted my Cessna 177 RG without autopilot and GPS (latter was unknown then). Sure, I knew the flight was twofoldly illegal at that time, but it made a young man very proud and deeply self-confident!
• performing many more interesting instrument flights, now holding a commercial pilot licence,
  always impressive: cloudbreaking in short final of brightly illuminated airports
  after long flights without any sight, in pre-GPS times
• drastic midlife changes, rigorously executed, lingering on for decades ...
• discovery of horn torus geometry (1988) as analogous model for fundamental physical questions, embedded in epistemological aspects,
  and subsequently steadily increasing certainty of its significant relevance in describing a mathematical universe  by a very effective image
• being in the middle of an ocean  as skipper of a small sailing vessel, feeling successful in managing life of two on a boat, and enjoying it for years
• having been very close to the eye of the deadliest hurricane worldwide since 1780 on board of our boat, escaping days later unscathed - both boat and crew
• completion of my graphic synthesizer programme 'artmetic', manually, line by line, and discovering its undreamt-of capabilities, e.g. to generate videos.
• first digital art vernissage after long preparation including construction of an exhibition hall ('Kunstlege'), latter based on
  experience of several successfully and happily completed restorations of particular real estates and old buildings
• countless great flight adventures in small planes, solo and with friends (continue to enjoy such!)
• enduring satisfaction of having (had) a rich life  (cv)
  ( maybe, a little bit of common old people feeling to have lived in better times, e.g. then :-)

VatukarasaBeach, South Coast of Viti Levu, Fiji Islands, South West Pacific